Marie Louise Wille


Marie Louise Wille is teaching the MEISNER technique.

Sandford Meisner developed and refined the technique which is based on Stanislavski’s theories and principles.

The Meisner technique enables you to work with improvisation exercises that focus on spontaneity and honest respons to your fellow actors in the moment.

The purpose of the technique is to strengthen the actor’s concentration and perceptual abilities. The technque gives the actor some solid tools that are very useful especially in relation to film, television, casting, and presence on the stage.

Meisner briefly describes his technique as: ’To live truthfully under given imaginary circumstances’.

Marie Louise Wille is a familiar face at the largest theatre stages in Denmark: Det Kongelige Teater, Aalborg Teater, and latest at Betty Nansen and Aarhus Teater. Marie Louise played recently the lead role in the play ‘Hedda Gabler’ at Aarhus Teater. Marie Louise received outstanding reviews for her performance.

Marie Louise Wille has appeared in several films and TV productions and is perhaps particularly knows for her role as Mille in the DR (Danish TV) series ‘Summer’.

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