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At our ‘Højskole’ there is room for everyone

– And there is also room for you!

We are committed to creating the best environment, so you can challenge and explore yourself – both professionally and personally. At our ‘Højskole’ you can.

om højskolen

The History of Musik & Teaterhøjskolen

We are a Danish folk high school located in Toftlund, Denmark. Toftlund lies in the center of the region of Denmark known as Sønderjylland (South Jutland). We specialize in music, singing, audio engineering, electronic music, theatre, contemporary dance, and contemporary circus. The folk high school serves many purposes, among them the aim of strengthening both the academic and personal qualifications of the students. Personal development, creativity, social skills and communication are focal points.


The school, housed in a converted dairy, opened in July 1984, with the official opening ceremony taking place on November 24th, 1984, where Queen Ingrid was the guest of honour. The founders of the school were Henrik Svane and Lars Bo Smith.


Since opening in 1984, the school has raised its profile to a high professional level within rhythmic music and theatre. Since then, five new subjects have been added, all focusing on stage work and performing arts. These subjects are: audio engineering, singing, dance, electronic music, and contemporary circus. The varied disciplines in close proximity to one another provide good opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation and collaborative projects.


The professional quality of the teaching is of such a high standard that many of our students continue their studies in audio engineering, music, singing, dance, and theatre at institutions of higher education. Personal development, creativity, social skills and communication are focal points.


Being a Danish højskole/folk high school, our main language is Danish. We do have international students and teachers, and so audio engineering, contemporary dance, contemporary circus, electronic music, vocal, theatre and music lines are flexible and conducted in combinations of both English and Danish.


After lunch, we have assemblies, to which attendance is compulsory, being a part of your studies. At the assemblies, the international students are asked to put on their headphones so that they can hear translations of whatever is being communicated. After the assemblies, daily messages are given by students and staff alike, which can vary from simple messages such as “I lost my key”, “does anyone want to go and swim?”, “I cannot find my iPhone” to more serious messages from teachers and headmasters regarding your weekly schedules. Messages are also written on the whiteboard in English for everyone to see.


The daily messages (which normally last for about 10-15 minutes) are also in Danish. Like the assemblies, the daily messages are translated into English. We hope you will listen to the Danish language and make an effort to follow along. Friday lectures and workshops are also conducted in Danish. We do our best to translate as much as possible during your stay, though some lectures are simply too complicated to be translated.


We offer our foreign students Danish language classes during the semester. It is important that you also make an effort to learn and understand the Danish language and culture during your stay.

Throughout the semester, we will have meetings where we can check in with you and talk openly about how you are doing.

om højskolen

Study tour

In both the spring and autumn semester there is a study tour. The tour is typically to the cultural metropolis of Berlin. Over many years, the school has built up a network of contacts all over the city, which gives you a multitude of opportunities for exciting experiences and new inspirations. Berlin is a city in constant motion, thriving with every kind of art form. It has a special underground environment for cultural development that always encourage our students to experience. Being a study trip, we also visit art and history museums, attend live concerts, theatre plays, and other similar cultural events. During your time with us, you can look forward to a week in one of Europe’s most eventful cities, in the company of your new folk high school friends.


Before we travel to Berlin, we have project days where we prepare for Berlin, learning about the culture and history of the city. Here, students will also have the chance to help determine what should be on the schedule for the Berlin tour.


ATTENTION! The study tour is mandatory for all students and costs DKK 3,990.


Autumn semester of 2019
Courses begin on August 4th and end on December 21st – 20 weeks

Courses begin on September 15th and end on December 21st – 14 weeks

Spring semester of 2020
Courses begin on January 5th and end on June 20th – 24 weeks

Courses begin on February 16th and end on June 20th – 18 weeks

Autumn semester of 2020
Courses begin on August 2nd and end on December 19th – 20 weeks

Courses begin on September 13th and end on December 19th – 14 weeks

Two Semesters – Spring / Autumn

Each semester is marked by two admission periods; for the spring semester, the first is in January and the second is in February; for the fall semester, the first is in August and the second is in September. However, we strongly recommend all international students to sign up for the full course.


The amount of students beginning in the 2nd admission periods is much smaller than the main admission period and consists primarily of Danish students.

Lyst til oplevelser, venskaber og til at lære

Choose to be inspired
and inspire others

LYST – a Danish word meaning: Enthusiasm
A motto often used at Musik & Teaterhøjskolen

The Folk High School is situated in Toftlund

Although Toftlund is a small town, it has a thriving business life,
as well as a lively cultural and sports life

Campus and the city of Toftlund



The main part of the old building is now the heart of the school, containing a kitchen, dining hall, student dormitories, multiple rooms for classes, as well as our “cafe”, a common room with a stage where students can relax, socialize, play games and set up informal concerts. In addition to the main building, we also have a music building, which has three well equipped music rooms, one professional recording studio and one professional mixing studio with eight mixing/recording stations.


In many ways, the crown jewel of the school is the Theatre House. Designed by architect Carsten Hoff and completed in 1990, the Theatre House has a 500 square meter auditorium for performances and concerts seating up to 400 spectators, a Steinway piano, a costume department (notable among other things for a large collection of theatrical wigs), a bar, as well as dressing rooms and a foyer large enough to be a venue for smaller events . The design of the main hall is quite unique, with an asymmetrical shape, beautiful wooden floors and concrete walls shaped like volcanic rock.


The school can at the moment accommodate up to 70 students.



The folk high school is well situated in the middle of small-town Toftlund, close to retail shops, supermarkets and a variety of shopping opportunities. It is also close to nature, most notably a small forest with good walking trails a few minutes walk away. There are also numerous biking opportunities, with bike paths leading to neighboring towns. Toftlund’s central location in Sønderjylland (South Jutland) means that it is only 30-40 minutes away from the coasts of both the North Sea and the Baltic by car, as well as close to the German border.


Although Toftlund is a small town, it has a thriving business life, as well as a lively cultural and sports life. Besides a wide selection of shops, Toftlund has its own movie theater with two screens, showing the latest movies. It is located in the town’s modernized cultural center, which also houses the library and municipal service center.


The town has many sports facilities, including an outdoor swimming pool and a fitness center, and has golf, tennis, handball, cycling and football clubs as well as a bowling alley, shooting range and motocross track.


Toftlund also has its own medical center, dentists, a boarding school and two elementary schools. The bus station, a stopping point for many connections across Sønderjylland (South Jutland), is conveniently located at the cultural square next to the library and movie theater.

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