The audio engineering course is intended for musicians/home recordists who wish to gain an understanding of multi-track hard disc recording.  You will learn how to record your own songs as well as serve as a recording engineer for other musicians and bands.

We are the first ever folk high school in Denmark to be certified Education Partners with Avid. During the course, you will work with official software provided by Avid and have the tools to learn all the basics and much more in Pro Tools. Being an Avid education partner, you will have all the latest software and materials to work with.


Learning the basics of microphones, external effects, setting up live sound, on the spot live recording of our concerts and much, much more are all a part of your course.

The school is equipped with its very own professional studio, complete with Pro Tools 10 Complete Production Toolkit and Pro Tools 11 , 27″ Quadcore i7 processor iMacs, Soundcraft GB2, fours types of studio monitors, professional headphones and quality microphones that are found in the music industry for both live and studio.





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11 months ago

GEW: Gammel-Elev-Weekend: afsluttes med Rage Against the Machine jam band: elever fra skolen.
Lydteknikere har arbejdet med at bygge op hele ugen og nu er det slut for denne gang..!
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1 year ago

Besøg fra svenske Miriam Aïda: pladerelease-tour med David Bowie sange i latin-udgaver! #Lydteknikerpåjob 😊
Visit from sweedish Miriam Aïda: record release tour with David Bowie songs in ... See more

1 year ago

4 music related lines: musicians, singers, electronic musicians and audio engineers getting dragged through "loudness" and what it has been and is doing to the music industry...
4 musiklinier: ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from Lydteknik / Sound Engineering - Musik & Teaterhøjskolen's post

Så er E18 kommet godt igang og endnu engang har lydtekniklinien ramt Tønder Festival hvor de er med på Klubscenen; lange dage med masser af god musik!
The team of E18 has had a great start and ... See more

1 year ago
Battle of Bands 2018 - vinderband Yellow Honey Dew

Den 7. april afholdt vi "Battle of Bands", en musikkonkurrence med bands fra hele landet som lydtekniklinien var teknisk ansvarlig for.
Vinderbandet blev Yellow Honey Dew et melodiøst Aarhusiansk ... See more

1 year ago

Sidste koncert på musik-touren forår 2018!
Final Gig on the Music Tour, spring 2018!

1 year ago
Photos from Lydteknik / Sound Engineering - Musik & Teaterhøjskolen's post

Så er vi på Tour! Musiktouren bestående af musikere, sangere, elektronisk musiker og lydteknikere er igang og første scene er disse smukke omgivelser ved Favrskov Produktionsskole i fantastisk ... See more

1 year ago

Cozy prepping for touring later this month!
Hygge-klargøring til at tage på turné senere på måneden!

1 year ago

Fandt en dansende robot iblandt publikum!
Found a dancing robot in the crowd!

1 year ago

Small view from on of the final acts...
Lille klip fra et af denne omgangs sidste live acts...

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Our primary goal is that you experience studio recordings, live concerts, mixing, and CD production - a solid foundation that will open up future possibilities.

As an audio engineer, you have the possibility to set up live professional concerts at the Musik and Theatre house, and go on tour with the music, vocal, and the electronic music composition lines. You will learn how to make front of house sound on a Soundcraft MH2 40 channel mixing console, and monitor sound on a Midas Venice 320, a 32 channel mixing console. Both are very different positions in the audio field, but both are just as important as the other. Using a split system enables us to work separately, giving the band optimal sound quality, and the audience an experience of a lifetime.

You will also participate in various workshops, as well as watch relevant documentary films regarding recording, sound, and techniques. There is a library of DVDs, recording magazines, and books available for you to indulge in.

Avid Official Curriculum – User certification:

  • Pro Tools 101 v. 11 – An introduction to Pro Tools
  • Pro Tools 110 v. 11 – Pro Tools Production I


Console (16/24/32/40)

  • console signal flow
  • connecting equipment
  • equalizer system of a console



  • the polar characteristics
  • microphone techniques
  • microphone placements

Recording techniques:

  • digital recording
  • external effects and plugins
  • studio atmosphere
  • communication
  • recording voices and overdubs
  • raw mixes
  • finalizing



  • compressors
  • gates
  • reverbs
  • delays
  • limited flanges

Audio Engineering School
– Course Topics


Theory is important. We are therefore working intensively with both musical notes, fine tuning the ears, improvisations, analysis, and arrangements. Students are divided in three teams from beginner to conservatory level.


Pre-production meetings.

Technical riders

Track sheets / crib sheets

FOH sound.

Monitor mixes

Use of outboard gear

Live recordings of common projects (only during spring semester).


You will also have the opportunity to develop your ear with frequency training so you can quickly solve technical problems and improve the sound quality of recordings and live concerts.


As a technician, you will have the opportunity to work on professional live gigs in the Music and Theatre House, as well as accompany our music and singing line on tour.


This is an important part of your education. We will work with percussion, imitations, pulse, and the feel of the rhythm. You will also work with different combinations between voice, hands, and feet. It is both challenging and fun!


One morning a week is devoted to Music Culture, where we focus on musical sub-themes:
“Music marathon” is where you hear new and inspiring music with background stories and anecdotes. Music history, where we look at the rhythmic music’s development from the earliest blues recordings of the 80’s sound aesthetics, and get music placed in a historical and cultural context. Lots of music samples!
We arrange regular workshops in monitor/feed check, soldering and repairing cables, Crown amplifier’s and their software. Tuning of drums. How do you make good sound on guitar and bass amplifier. Adjusting and configuring of string instruments.


Several times during the semester we go in the studio and record tracks with singers and musicians. You learn about the process in the studio and what it takes to be a studio engineer.


We are regularly visited by bands, guest speakers, students from conservatories and professional artists from Denmarks as well as abroad. We have been visited by:


Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie, Tears for Fears), Bassida (Prince, Zap Mama), Jonatha Brooke, Kasper Eistrup (Kashmir), Chris Minh Doky, Ben Butler (Suzanne Vega), Leo Sayer (world famous singer / songwriter), Rich Mercurio, whynot Jansveld (Crash Test Dummies) Forgetting Feet, Henry Marstal Cecilie Norby & Carsten Dahl Valravn, Mathias Grip, The Rasmus, Laila Skovmand and Symfobia, Katherine Gislinge, Per V, Annemarie Zimakoff and many more.


We have good cooperation with both students and teachers from the MGK, Sibelius Academy (Finland), Georg Neumann GmbH (Berlin) and conservatories (Denmark).

The teacher in Audio Engineering

Ulrik Tjørnelund Bossen

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