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Dance on our højskole with the creative body in focus. Dance for life!

”Dance for Life!” isn’t just something we say, it’s something we do. Because dancing will teach you loads of things, that you can use in other aspects of your life; while having the time of your life!

So, if you’re dreaming of a life full of dance and choreography, our dance course is the first, or the next step on your way. Through daily classes, you’ll become acquainted with different dance-genres and get a thourough inroduction to their techniques; preparing you to apply for further education at dance-schools in and outside Denmark.

You also get an insight into the history and theory of dance, and together we will explore what is happening in the world of contemporary dance right now.

In addition to a stay filled with learning an extended experience from the world of dance, you’re sure to get good facilities, friends for life, challenges, adventures, a field-trip and well educated and experienced teachers.

If you dream of a life full of dance and choreography, the line course Dance at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen is a rewarding and solid step in the right direction. Here you will be challenged as both a solo and ensemble dancer and you will undergo physical, choreographic and artistic training.

Contemporary Dance at the School
– Course Topics


Inspired by many different techniques within contemporary dance, such as Limon, Graham, release, floor-work and Flying Low, we will work on building a strong and varied basic technique. Emphasis is on flow, going into and coming off the floor and proper breathing.


We will explore different creative processes and ways of composing solo and group works. As a student on the dance line, you get a basic introduction to choreographic thinking, which can be used to create works on your own, in groups or as a way to understand movement. Together we’ll analyze other people’s work and study several ways of choreographing in workshops with both practical and theoretical assignments.


Through fixed structures and specific tasks, we will work with various movement principles and -qualities in improvisation. You will get the opportunity to explore your own movements and your body’s possibilities to find out what is most interesting for you. We will also be working with group dynamics in improvised movement.


As a student at the school, you have the opportunity to opt for dance classes outside the schedule, such as solo and/or group lessons for extra charge. Your teacher is a professional dancer with years of experience within the artistic field.


This is where we focus on dancing with each other. We will be working on improvisation while maintaining physical contact with one or more other dancers as well as the creation of physical dialogue and specific lifting and partnering techniques.
All of this is useful in both improvised and choregraphed material.


Contemporary Dance has 8 lessons * 60 minutes during a normal week.
All other main lines have 12.75 lessons * 60 minutes during a normal week.

The main line Contemporary Dance is taught in the afternoon, while the other main lines are taught in the morning. When you choose dance as main line, you must also choose one of the other main lines which the school offers. Likewise, the other students can choose dance as a main line in the afternoon in combination with their morning main line.

Teachers of Contemporary Dance

Emilia Gasiorek
Jon Stage
Ingvild Bertelsen
Marlene Bonnesen
Stine Frandsen
Meleat Frederiksson

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