Meleat Frederiksson


Meleat Fredriksson is a dancer and choreographer, educated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in Copenhagen. After graduating in 2015, she took part in establishing the DANSEatelier. DANSEatelier is a collective based in Copenhagen consisting of 11 dance artists who share a wish and vision to create continuity within the freelance world and explore multiple hierarchies.


Meleats own work is focused on rhythms, improvisation and speed. She has worked a lot with open- structured improvisation as a way to investigate how the body and mind can be (un)aware of choices in a wider spectra; how to create choice and use it, recognizing it as only being one of endless possibilities.


It is not to say anything goes but a way of saying that anything can be grasped. Her work has been shown in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Hong Kong. Meleat laughs loud, moves fast and lives slow.

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