Sofie Karoline Sørensen


Sofie Karoline is a singer and a song writer. She is a graduate from Syddansk Musikkonservatorium [South Danish Music Conservatory] (2015).


Sofie Karoline has been composing music since her early teen years and her music spans very wide from britpop / synthpop over postpunk and rock to the “free” frames of jazz with a touch of the cabaret. Ever since she began at the conservatory, she has performed her music in different constellations at various venues in Denmark. She is currently working on her debut album scheduled to be published in the summer of 2018


Sofie Karoline’s teaching focuses on a good body work in the form of breathing techniques, physical exercises and stretch exercises. In order to achieve the optimal potential as a singer, it is important for the singer to be relaxed and know his/her voice. Thus, we begin with a short course in voice theory. In this way, the students obtain a good understanding of why the exercises are important.


The individual expressions of the students and their voices are of course in focus. The students will be taught individually in groups which may be challenging but also very educational for all persons involved.

The students have also often the task of arranging songs in a polyphonic manner, thus we can work on how to obtain the best sound when singing together. In addition, we do rhythm exercises, improvisation and imitation.
First of all, we must have fun and develop through singing in our own unique voice.
Besides singing, Sofie Karoline also teaches choir and songwriting as elective subjects.


Sofie Karoline has mostly worked freelance with various projects. She has a lot of experience as voice coach and as choir leader for various performers at theatre concerts.


The combination between music and theatre fascinates Sofie Karoline a lot as she prioritize the visual expression in acting very much and the intense weeks up to a performance are always a great experience for her.


For many years, Sofie Karoline has also given private vocal lessons for all levels and age groups.


Beside her teaching job at the Musik og Teaterhøjskolen, Sofie Karoline plays a lot of old school country, rock’n’roll and rockabilly in the Sophie Caroline & Ra-Ra Coons group! Here she also plays guitar.


As well as being a vocal teacher, Sofie Karoline is also the house pianist at Musik og Teaterhøjskolen.

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