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Fees & Conditions

Prices 2020

  • School fee for tuition, board and lodging per week

    DKK 1,490
  • Study tour abroad

    DKK 3,990
  • Solo lessons per 1/2 hour (optional)

    DKK 225
  • Bed linen per week (optional)

    DKK 35
  • Bedding (duvet, pillow, mattress) per week (optional)

    DKK 20
  • Admission fee deposit (inclusive bank fee)*

    DKK 2,290
Admission fee

The admission fee is DKK 2,290.
DKK 200 will be deducted from the admission fee to cover your room deposit.



Cancellation must be in writing and e-mailed to kontor@musikogteater.dk.



Once we receive your registration, you will receive positive response from the school, and information about registration and account number for the transfer of the admission fee. You are only definitively enrolled at the school when we have registered your payment of the admission fee. Please note that the school fees for the autumn semester of 2020 are DKK 1,590.

You can choose to pay the whole stay at once, or settle on a monthly basis.



The average age is 20, however you must be at least 17½ at the beginning of the semester.


Before starting the course

Shortly before starting school you will receive information related to payment, accommodation, arrival times, and what will be most convenient for you to bring.



Personal development, creativity, social skills, and communication are all focal points. Your participation is required in the daily life of the school such as morning assemblies, your main subject, elective subjects, and social gatherings.


Spring and Autumn semester

The length of the school semester varies between 13 to 24 weeks depending on whether you choose the autumn or the spring semester.

Call us or write us to have your options elaborated.
Phone:  +45 7483 0104 or
e-mail: kontor@musikogteater.dk

Scholarship for international students

Each year we offer a number of scholarships for international students.


You have to be especially interested in the main study lines offered at our school and you must speak English.


Above scholarships are mainly granted for the following main study lines: Music, Audio Engineering, Electronic Music and Contemporary Circus.


Please contact our secretary, Christa, for further information about scholarship and prices. Her e-mail is kontor@musikogteater.dk

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Order a Brochure

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