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Music at our højskole is for those who want a thorough knowledge of many musical facets. You may give the music the meaning you want.

Besides from our music teachers, you will also encounter various specialists in the fields of rhythm training, music history and music theory.

Musicians and singers will often need to cooperate. This cooperation we try to prepare you for, which is why the two main subjects will be practicing together.

Music teaching on our højskole includes:

  • ensemble
  • composition
  • music theory
  • rhythm training
  • improvisation
  • music history
Our goal is to give you a knowledge and understanding of the music's diverse language - something that you can bring with you into the world.

We prioritize that students often play concerts for one another, going on tour and records in the school’s own recording studio.

Music House:

The school has a music house, which consists of 5 rooms. 3 well equipped soundproof music rooms, which are equipped with good conditioned instruments, giving you the opportunity to practice and record 24/7.
In the heart of the house we have a professional hard disc-recording studio and besides that a mixing studio for editing and mixing purposes. The control room (studio 1) is connected to both rooms giving you the possibility to record live.

Music School
– Topics in teaching


On the Music Line we place emphasis on ensemble playing. Our goal is to create well-rounded musicians – not just instrumentalists! You learn to think critically and independently of the dominant forces in music.
You will be taught to play music in all aspects of the world of music has to offer. We will focus on the rhythmical music: Rock, pop, funk, jazz and world music. We will spend a lot of our time to go in depth musically, so you can broaden your horizon musically. During the course, you will also have the opportunity to record with the singing and audio engineering lines.


Regularly we do concerts and “Open Mic” nights for each other, but we also do tours around the country, where you play for a larger audience. In connection with the tour, you will work intensively with your music and your stage performances, collaborating with the audio engineers and singers.


We are regularly visited by bands, guest speakers, students from conservatories and professional artists from abroad like:

Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie, Tears for Fears), Bassida (Prince, Zap Mama), Jonatha Brooke, Kasper Eistrup (Kashmir), Chris Minh Doky, Ben Butler (Suzanne Vega), Leo Sayer (world famous singer-/songwriter), Rich Mercurio, Whynot Jansveld (Crash Test Dummies), Forgetting Feet, Henrik Marstal, Cæcilie Norby & Carsten Dahl, Valravn, Mathias Grip, Rasmus Nøhr, Laila Skovmand og Symfobia, Katrine Gislinge, Per V, Annemarie Zimakoff and many more.

Hear examples of music recorded by previous semesters at the school


An important part of teaching is to make our own material for the tour. Through various presentations and exercises which are solved in large or small groups, we start to compose. Perhaps you already have a melody or chords that we can work on, perhaps it is brand new material that occurs in the music room. We listen, organize, samples, discuss and play until we are satisfied with the result! During this period music, electronic music and singers line will be working close together. At last the audio engineering line helps us making the rich live sound!


One morning a week is devoted to music culture, where we focus on musical sub-themes:
“Music marathon” is where you hear new and inspiring music with background stories and anecdotes. Music history, where we look at the rhythmic music’s development from the earliest blues recordings of the 80s sound aesthetics, and we place music in a historical and cultural context. Lots of music samples!
We arrange regular workshops: Tuning of drums. How do you make good sound on your guitar amplifier.
Which effect pedals you use to find just the “right” sound. Adjusting and configuring of string instruments. How do you operate a mixing console. You will have workshops in co-writing and free improvisation. Masterclass, where we go in depth with your musical and theatrical expression.


Several times during the semester we hit the studio and records our songs with the singers and audio engineers. You will learn about the process in the studio, and what it takes to be a studio musician. Technicians mix the songs we are recording, and you get to take them home on a CD.


Theory is important. We are therefore working intensively with both musical notes, fine tuning the ears, improvisations, analysis and arrangements. Students are divided in three teams from beginner to conservatory level.


If there is international students at the line, parts of the teaching will be in English. But translation into Danish will be done as needed.


You have the opportunity to buy solo lessons in a musical instrument as a complement to your musical development.


In general we teach at different levels. So whether you only know a little or are a very experienced musician when you join the Music Line, you will receive lessons that correspond to your level.

The teachers at Music

Tom Blancarte
Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen

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