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Visual Storytelling

VISUAL STORYTELLING – From idea to film

A hands-on course where you get lots of useful experience telling relevant stories with a camera.

Are you interested in learning how to create visual storytelling that grabs, challenges and engages other people or maybe even calls to action? Do you wish to be challenged on your skills / ability to piece together narratives into vivid live action images based on your view of the world and yourself – and hereby learn how to interpret and communicate your idea or vision?

VISUAL STORYTELLING - From idea to film

Whether you are hoping to change the world as a strong communicator in journalism, as an NGO worker or SoMe influencer – or whether you just want to try yourself as for example a video artist or as a film or music video director – this is the course for you.

Here you will learn about the basics film of storytelling. And you will come to master basic technical camera and editing skills needed to achieve a final result. You will be challenged on your stances and approaches, on your communicative skills – and your own understanding and decoding of the variety of images and films that we all, increasingly, are flooded with in everyday life.


– From idea to film



Live action images have a strong presence in our lives – they are everywhere, and in all forms imaginable: fiction films, documentary films, art films, informative films, music videos, journalistic stories and features, advertisements, propaganda and content on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc.


Live action images are favoured in the algorithms that for example social media use to provide us all with the content they think or believe that we want to see. Wherever we look, living images have come to stay in our way of communicating with one another – and in people’s attempts to make us look at the world, and ourselves, through certain perspectives. Why is that? Because living images are efficient means to get people to feel and think something. And therefore, it is more important than ever that we learn how to tell the relevant stories from the less relevant – to get as close to the truth as possible. And that means being able to decode stories and learn how to critically relate to the intentions behind.


– From idea


Luckily, the present as well as the reality still belongs to all of us. Also, and maybe especially, to you!

Your thoughts, feelings and ideas are just as important as everybody else’s. But not all is worth sharing is it? In VISUAL STORYTELLING you will work on refining and sorting out your ideas – asking WHY your opinion, idea or statement should be shared with the world. We then need to examine HOW we develop your ideas into narratives and images – and how to finally make sure that your results find its audience.


VISUAL STORYTELLING is a hands-on course where we will do as many exercises and small film productions as we can. You will of course be well equipped for the different project stages (such as developing your ideas and making the films/visuals/art pieces) and with the various methods and knowledge in general. But first and foremost is it important that we play with different forms of expression and narratives!


– From idea to film


On this course you get to try out specific storytelling tools and you will gain basic skills in the art of storytelling – on both a content and technical level.

We will work with professional cameras as well as smartphones. You will learn how to edit your films by using easy editing programs – so you are not required to be experienced, neither technically nor creatively. The only requirement is that you are open minded and willing to learn, to become smarter and better at creating, communicating and telling your stories visually.


It is only natural to collaborate with the other programmes at the school – just as we perhaps will be working on a specific case in collaboration with an external organization.


So: Whether you are planning on becoming a professional storyteller of some kind – or whether you are simply “just” a lovely and curious individual – you are more than welcome on the team!

Teacher of Visual Storytelling

Stefan Frost Kristiansen
Musik & Teaterhøjskolen