Everybody is a choreographer!

Everybody is a choreographer!

During the past three weeks students at the dance line have exercised and practiced their choreographic minds. Famous choreographies from history have been reformulated into solos, which then got reformulated into group compositions. We have moved, danced, talked, written and walked together through different modes of attention, asking ourselves:
What do we see? What do we keep? What do we leave behind? Hereby notes and reflections from the students highlighting different tasks:

“I really liked an exercise where we had to stay low on the ground and “run” through space without running – at different levels of speed on a scale from 1-10. In another task we were moving to a ‘key word’ that was being shouted by other people. The words were sometimes quite hard to be imaginative about. We also did a dance or a movement piece inspired by famous dance videos. That gave new material and inspiration on how to move, and to see how other dancers move. At the same time we could be creative and improvise.”

“It was like instant improvisation – in pairs/duos/trios passing through space. I enjoy these tasks a lot, when there is a small input and then we are free to explore movement.”

“The writing exercises were very good for my thoughts and my mind. It helped me a lot and it also made me realize and remember some things I had forgotten through time.”

“Laying on the floor and really focusing on connecting soul and body has helped me develop as a dancer. It had made it easier for me to learn moves (no matter the style of the move).”

“In these three weeks we have been working with creating our own material based on other materials. We started with a task where we wrote a text on a paper and afterwards rewrote what somebody else wrote. This we took in to a physical practice where the half of the group made a small solo dance and afterwards the second half redid what their partner just did. We did this three times and then the dance evolved. Again we used this experience when we had to do a solo project where we were to choose one of three dances and redo it in our own way, but still staying true to the original. It helped a lot with the tasks leading up to the bigger ones, so that we could understand the concept. It was very challenging to do the solo project. Both doing it in the process, but also the showing. It was a good challenge for us because we haven’t really practiced that till now. “

“I really enjoyed the 1-10 dance. You start slow and then go faster and faster, and then down again. You get through the whole body and over the floor between each other.
We also did a task where people where shouting random words to us and we had to dance the feeling behind that word. It was interesting because you really had to feel how your body and mind reacted to the words.”

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Stine Frandsen
Dance Teacher


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