Break the rhythm

Pursue your dreams – and have them positively disturbed.

Find yourself and discover you are someone else.

Break the rhythm and find the melody within yourself.


We engage in creativity-creating processes within the framework of a folk high school.

We cherish the processes and the presence that arises between us.
You will quickly sense the atmosphere of our embracing and committed community. Here we live, create, breathe, sing, play, eat, and we have conversations. We are a small folk high school – and so much more than just nice words.

A semester at our school grants you personal and professional development which will empower you in further education and in life in general.


There are many different types of folk high schools in Denmark. Our school is a specialized folk high school with a focus on the performing arts. The main subjects are music, singing, electronic music, sound production, songwriting and composition, as well as theatre and contemporary circus.

Our folk high school is a boarding school. Students and staff are living, eating and sharing the same daily routines for the duration of a semester. In addition to your participation in the main subject, elective and common subjects, you and your fellow students must participate in the cleaning and kitchen duties. Furthermore, all students must attend the assemblies and social gatherings. In other words, you live, eat, study, party, and clean with the other students. Everyone has the same duties and the same rights – regardless of gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc.

Singing together in a group is deeply rooted in the culture of Danish folk high schools. This is also valid for Musik & Teaterhøjskolen. Unlike some folk high schools, we do not have morning assemblies. Instead, we sing together at lunch. Often our students take turns picking the song of the day.

Students attending a Danish folk high school come from a wide range of ages and educational backgrounds. The social life and atmosphere at the school is equally important as obtaining educational knowledge; it is often said that folk high schools are ‘schools for life’, and in accordance with this, there are no exams or degrees at a folk high school.


The music line at Musik & Teaterhøjskolen is for students seeking a profound knowledge of many music facets. You may give the music the meaning you want.


Theatre at our højskole is for you, who have an actor within you – or for you, who just want to escape your comfort zone and test out personal limits. Theatre is a world full of possibilities!

It is hard work when you undergo theatre coaching at the theatre line, where you and your creativity are in focus. Creating a strong character, physical training, play, improvisation and text work are all the basic elements in your training to become an extraordinary actor.

You do not need any special qualifications to choose theater with us. But our theater line can be a good stepping stone, if you are considering becoming a professional actor or if you have a dream of enrolling in drama school.

It’s both fun and challenging to be a student at the theatre line at our folk high school. From day one, the main focus will be you and the creative process.
Choosing theatre as a main subject, you will find yourself in hot water, standing on stage alone and in front of others. In return, you will be introduced to techniques that will help you handle the uncomfortable situations, and we will work on removing the safety net, so you can find foothold on stage.

The teaching in theatre is generally broad perspective, both technically and physically, as well as improvising.

During the course we invite professionals and well-known and experienced actors to stop by and share their experiences and methods in form of workshops and lectures.

Theatre School
– Course Topics
When we put up theatre plays, we involve all the necessary elements a theatre is based on: set design, makeup, costumes, lights and sound. Everything has to be of the highest quality to achieve the best performance. During your stay you will meet up with famous actors who will tell you about their work, methods and experiences.

We teach in general, at different levels. So whether you only know a little or are very experienced when you attend the school, you will receive lessons that correspond to your level.


BALCAZAR TEKNIK® by Emma Balcazar

The BALCAZAR TEKNIK® is the basis of teaching Film Acting. The focus of the BALCAZAR TEKNIK® is on actor training during which the actor exercises his ability to create, use and transform his emotional energy in connection with the text and character work.

The actor’s work with the dramatic text release strong and unpredictable moments, simultaneously.

The actor practices to maintain and reinforce these emotional moments that contribute to scenically intense impressions.

The BALCAZAR TEKNIK® differs from the more narrative, storytelling-like and literary approaches to the drama. Rather, the actor bases his work on reinforcing and dramatizing the emotional moments that arise in the character and text work. The audience is given the opportunity to experience the narrative in a kind of ‘eternal here and now’ where the audience undergoes a psycho-emotional process, rather than being presented with a more intellectual and analytical dissemination of the substance that can easily appear lifeless. Instead, the actor focuses on delivering a performance that evokes a strong resonance in the audience. The actor conveys and introduces the audience into the drama by using emotional moments and thus activates, vibrates and experiences the emotional systems of each individual spectator in its own unique way.

To act out a role as a person on stage, you will work intensely with your abilities to transform yourself into your given character. You will work to polish up your senses, use your fantasy and your body. You will not be alone! We will emphasize in developing your abilities and desire to become a member of a theatrical company.

During your stay you will take part in 2 or 3 theatre play and you will get to tour and perform in front af a bigger audinece. It’s fun to be on tour. In the theater industry, it is natural to tour and perform numerous performances in a few days. We will of course also do a tour during your stay and try to get out in front of an audience and share what we are working on at the school.

The practical work on stage is connected with theory. Therefore you will be given goal-oriented education in theory, theatre history and analyzing text.

During your stay it is possible to recieve solo lessons in acting by paying extra. Our highly educated teachers are always ready to give you solo lessons.

Theatre consists of many essential parts. Whatever genre we choose for the play, we include these parts. Like scenography, the room, masks, costumes, lights and sounds. Everything must come together, and we put every ounce of energy into creating the best performance.

Contemporary Circus – nycirkus højskole

A performance art combining theatre and dance with traditional circus disciplines, constructing a new environment in which creativity can truly flourish.

We focus on the movement in the performances which are theatrical, involving character work with a theme or story. Even though we focus on your physicality, you will also work with theatrical elements, such as interpretation, emotions, and the story you are trying to tell.

The circus techniques are used in conjunction with techniques from dance and theatre to express the performer’s personality, reveal their emotions and give an insight to their backstory. You will learn how to use only your body and your movements to express yourself and communicate a felling, story, or mood.


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If you want to challenge yourself both physically and mentally, if you want to learn how to express yourself through your body the Contemporary Circus course is the place for you. Here, you will develop yourself – both as an artist and as a person!
The training is very physical and hard on the body, but everyone is welcome regardless of their physical fitness. If you have the enthusiasm and energy to learn and the will to break your own personal barriers, we will make you fit for circus.

The Contemporary Circus course is also meant to help prepare people who are interested in beginning a circus education and is the best way to prepare for an international circus school; many of our students have gone on to study at higher level circus schools.The teaching in this course is generally conducted in English due to the international background of the teachers.

Contemporary Circus School – Course Topics

Partner Acrobatics is the performance of partner acrobalance poses and associated movements that involve stationary balances, dynamic movements such as lifts, jumps, and strength poses.


Aerial Acrobatics is the performance of climbs, falls, and static poses on aerial equipment including trapeze, silks/tissue, rope, aerial hoop, and straps.


Chinese Pole is a vertical pole on which circus performers climb, slide down, and hold poses. The poles are generally between 3 and 9 meters high. The most famous trick is “the flag” where the artist hangs straight out from the pole with their hands.


Juggling can be the manipulation of one object or many objects at the same time. You will learn the basics of ball, club, and ring juggling, as well as about manipulating ordinary everyday objects such as chairs, hats, and plates.


Dance Acrobatics is a mixture of dance and floor acrobatics where you will learn to combine your floor work with elements of dance to make your body movement more fluid and natural.


Physical Theatre is a genre of theatrical performance that pursues storytelling through primarily physical means. You will learn to talk through hand gestures, body language, thought tracking, and many more physical features.


Vi er sammen om rigtig meget, og vi har også en del fag sammen.

Der er kundskabsfag hvor du træner en færdighed.

I åndsfag reflekterer vi sammen. 

I portfag arbejder hovedlinjerne sammen om projekter og færdigheder.

Du kan læse mere om det på linjefagssiderne.


Vi ligger i skønne omgivelser og bruger dem.

Skolen har stor teatersal, små og store studier, spejlsal til at øve dans og performance, lækre værelser og bogrupper som er tætte og velfungerende.

Vi forventer du selv har laptop med hvis du vil producere musik, men skolen har alt det andet – lydkort osv.

Vi har styr på coronaen – så meget som man kan – og alle bliver testet for at vi kan være trygge sammen. 


Livet på skolen er et sammensurium af samvær, samlæren og meget mere. Her forsøger vi at begribe verden med gennem undren, det gør vi ved at gribe om livet, fordi vi er grebet af at leve.

Vi lever sammen, taler sammen, samarbejder, synger sammen, arbejder med rytmisk bevægelse sammen.
Vi ER sammen.

Kontakt, kalender og sommerkurser

Tilmeld dig et ophold, Book et besøg, ring til os på 74 83 01 04

På siden sommerkurser finder du alle sommerkurserne.

NB: vi har stadig plads til dig – men skynd dig, corona gør at højskoerne fyldes hurtigt.