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This Højskole is really amazing!

This Højskole is really amazing!

I started study here this January.

It was very impressive to see how people here improved their skills in very short period and got strong confidence. Also how people achieve their goal by working hard and supporting each other is very heartwarming.

I am studying electronic music here.
It was very big decision to come here from Japan.
Since I was very beginner of electronic music, I was a bit worried how much I can improve my skills by studying here only for half year.
But result is amazing! I have never expect this massive improvement.
It is even magical for me.

This is all because of amazing teachers and also my class mates here!
Without their help I could not be able to make music!!

Also nice thing about this Højskole is: you can also take classes from another lines as elective subjects.
You can try many things you have never experienced. It is super fun and inspiring!
All teachers has great teaching method, you will have very precious experience. All of them are super cool, friendly and helpful.

I just would like to say that I am very happy to be here and appreciate everyone in this Højskole.
I have learnt so many things here.

If you are thinking of study here I definitely recommend it!
I also decided to take one more semester here. So you might be my Højskole mate!

Eisaku, Japan spring semester 2018 and autumn semester 2018 – electronic music

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