From Israel via London to Toftlund

From Israel via London to Toftlund

My name is Sheli and I’m a twenty-one years old girl from Israel

I wanted to learn circus, sadly it’s hard to get into circus schools in Israel so I got the idea of studying at a folk high school in Denmark when I was in London for the Preparation course at Gravity- circus school.

I have been practicing aerial silk and aerial hoop for nearly a year and a half. I would like to continue my circus studies so I looked for schools where I can do it.

And now I have experienced so many things so far! I found friends, new experiences. I have come to know my body, and see how people make music and love music. That’s special for me because I’m deaf, so here I can see how people love music and taught me to hear what music is.
I find the cultural differences between Israel and Denmark very interesting because of the different nature and mentality.

I don’t know exactly what I want to do in future. I want to travel in South Africa and India. And go to circus school but I’m not sure where and when. I hope that after this school I will know more.

Sheli from Israel
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