We open the doors for immersion in the secrets of music as well as the development of your instrument and / or your voice.

If you choose the music line, you gain insight into and understanding of the collaboration between different instruments. You obtain insight into developing an overview of the instrument and its possibilities. Equipped with this new knowledge, you can work with your own inner music.


Your voice is the body’s finest instrument, and with the help of physical exercises we work with your agility and presence. Both you and your singing voice go a long way in exploring the possibilities that emerge during the work in the classroom.

You become aware of the importance of interpretation of the lyrics to obtain your final expression, just like a skilled storyteller. The teaching takes place in groups mainly. In front of the group, you work solo or sing chorus for the others. Your teacher will guide you in your search for your own sound and give you a lot of exercises that you can take with you after your folk high school semester.


The instrument line is for everyone – no matter what prerequisite you have. Our teaching is differentiated. Thus, we meet you exactly where you are.

We unfold a teaching that challenges you musically and thinks music into a larger socially reflected context providing you with musical tools to explore and acquire music. We do not just foster instrumentalists.

You learn to think critically as we equip you with a lot of different analytical tools. You are taught about various time periods and places of music in the world. We never let ourselves be limited in genres, and we teach, among other things, rock, jazz, metal, classical music, improvisation, North Indian Hindustani music, Japanese Suizen music, funk, and much more. In the class Common Subject, you will meet students from the other lines every week, who will inspire and challenge you. Among other things, we go into the studio and record in cooperation with the singing line and the sound production lines.



Gate subjects unite the line subjects that are related.

We have three gate subjects:

  • music production
  • music
  • performing arts

The three gate subjects have some common classes during the semester. The classes focus on the joint interests and the creation of synergies of the lines.


Knowledge subjects focus on becoming proficient in a skill. These subjects are elective subjects which you can choose twice each semester. Knowledge subjects go across the lines.

We currently offer the subjects below, but these can vary depending on what the teachers offer as lectures and what is of interest at this very moment in time.

  • Improvisation
  • Piano for practical use
  • Juggling
  • Voice training
  • Studio techniques
  • Topic of focus
  • Art painting


Spiritual subjects are elective subjects that you select twice during the semester. These subjects do not aim at finding answers. The purpose is to reflect, debate, converse and be puzzled by big and small questions in life.

Currently, the below subjects are offered, but these all vary depending on the semester and interest:

  • Philosophical salon.
  • The world – in which direction are you moving?
  • Conversation room.
  • Reading club.
  • Sustainability
  • Protest songs – Art and Politics.


We have joint assemblies, folk high school evenings and gatherings with common academic content, including:

We sing together in our large students’ choir once a week.

Singing, Games and Movement [Sang, Spil og Bevægelse short SSB in Danish] is a subject for everyone.

This subject unites us, and through serious-minded games gives us more enjoyment of the togetherness.

And it develops our bodily sense of rhythm at the same time.

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