Break the rhythm

Pursue your dreams – and have them positively disturbed.

Find yourself and discover you are someone else.

Break the rhythm and find the melody within yourself.

Study lines

We have three main gates through which you can enter. Each main gate shares common lessons and have common cornerstones.

MUSIC where you focus on Singing or an Instrument outside the body.

MUSIC PRODUCTION consisting of Electronic Music, Sound Production, Songwriting and Composition.

PERFORMING ARTS comprising Theatre and Contemporary Circus.

Read on – first you have to know a little about what we are – and what a højskole is….


We engage in creativity-creating processes within the framework of a folk high school.

We cherish the processes and the presence that arises between us.
You will quickly sense the atmosphere of our embracing and committed community. Here we live, create, breathe, sing, play, eat, and we have conversations. We are a small folk high school – and so much more than just nice words.

A semester at our school grants you personal and professional development which will empower you in further education and in life in general.


There are many different types of folk high schools in Denmark. Our school is a specialized folk high school with a focus on the performing arts. The main subjects are music, singing, electronic music, sound production, songwriting and composition, as well as theatre and contemporary circus.

Our folk high school is a boarding school. Students and staff are living, eating and sharing the same daily routines for the duration of a semester. In addition to your participation in the main subject, elective and common subjects, you and your fellow students must participate in the cleaning and kitchen duties. Furthermore, all students must attend the assemblies and social gatherings. In other words, you live, eat, study, party, and clean with the other students. Everyone has the same duties and the same rights – regardless of gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, etc.

Singing together in a group is deeply rooted in the culture of Danish folk high schools. This is also valid for Musik & Teaterhøjskolen. Unlike some folk high schools, we do not have morning assemblies. Instead, we sing together at lunch. Often our students take turns picking the song of the day.

Students attending a Danish folk high school come from a wide range of ages and educational backgrounds. The social life and atmosphere at the school is equally important as obtaining educational knowledge; it is often said that folk high schools are ‘schools for life’, and in accordance with this, there are no exams or degrees at a folk high school.

Please note that our main language is Danish. Contact us for more detailed information about your particular area of interest.


We open the doors for immersion in the secrets of music as well as the development of your instrument and / or your voice.

If you choose the music line, you gain insight into and understanding of the collaboration between different instruments. You obtain insight into developing an overview of the instrument and its possibilities. Equipped with this new knowledge, you can work with your own inner music.

The music line is for everyone – no matter what prerequisite you have. Our teaching is differentiated. Thus, we meet you exactly where you are.


Create your own sound! An ability, a desire and a source of change is lurking just below the surface; a bubbling and effervescent desire to create and share tunes.

The only requirement for the Music Production line is that you do something you think is cool – something that means something to you!

In recent years, it has become much easier than ever to produce and write songs yourself, – primarily because various programs have been made available to a large group of people.


At the Musik & Teaterhøjskolen, you can experience and co-create the magic of the stage at the Theatre and Contemporary Circus lines. The two lines work with the stage expression, impression, and imprint, which are captured through different processes and productions – at the individual lines separately and jointly.


Our school has beautiful surroundings, and we use them.

The school has a large theatre hall, small and large studios, a mirror room for rehearsing dance and performance, lovely dormitories and BoGroups [minor group of students who meet weekly in their group with a BoGroup teacher], which are closely connected and well-functioning.

We expect you to bring your own laptop if you want to produce music, but the school has everything else – sound cards etc.

We have control of Covid-19 – as much as we can – and everyone is tested so that we can be close and safe.


The everyday life at our school is a jumble of togetherness, co-learning and so much more. We try to grasp the world through wondering, we do this by grasping life because we are gripped by living.

We live together, talk together, collaborate, sing together, work with rhythmic movement together, hum, eat and so much more jointly.

We ARE together.

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