My stay at M&T

My stay at M&T

I had decided to attend M&T in order to study in the circus line, because I was looking for a short preparation circus program that will help me improve enough in order to get accepted to a professional circus school.

Before I arrived Toftlund, I knew nothing about neither højskole or Denmark.
Spending the semester in M&T, I had found so much more than a circus program – I got to know a great and cosy culture, made good friendships with people of different nationalities and backgrounds, and fell in love with this wonderful country.

The life in the circus line thought me a lot: how to work and perform in a team; I got stronger and more flexible; I was introduced to many different circus elements and disciplines, and got comfortable with my chosen circus element.
No doubt, learning and performing with the circus line was a wonderful adventure!

May now studies at INAC. A professional school for circus arts in Portugal!

Former student May – spring semester of 2017


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