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Now I have a plan

Now I have a plan

When I decided to attend Musik og Teaterhøjskole, I had a gap year and was a bit confused about my life. I came back from a trip to China and I knew for a while that I wanted to change my career path and circus has been in the background for some time then.

I found out about the program completely by accident (my roommate in China was Danish) when searching for a short intensive dance/circus program. I wanted to take it full time training for a while; to understand if such a physical life suited me.

So I came to Denmark and I think it was different and amazing in so many ways, and different from what I had expected it to be. Not only because of the chance to get to know a new culture, but most of all it allowed me to release some hard expectations I had of myself, while allowing me to learn how to work in an amazing group of individuals. I had the opportunity to preform, cooperate and learn how it really feels like to be a team making a show, and finally making up my mind that this is the kind of life I see myself living.

I had decided to take the year after Højskole to train more and save some money, and this year I am finally attending a professional circus school like I planned.

I and my class are still in good contact and some of them even attended my wedding this year!

Masha, Contemporary Circus, Spring ‘17

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